The competitive dance industry provides events where dancers meet and compete for trophies and scholarships after months
of training and rehearsal within their own dance companies. Dancers are pushed to the limits in training and performance and their work as a team makes them a family. If you are a "reality television" fan you have been given a glimpse into this dynamic dance lifestyle. While the talent of the dancers on reality shows is evident, the drama surrounding the coaching and parental choices is often set up and even edited for the entertainment of the television audience. Dramatic situations may be entertaining to watch on TV but we keep things very positive for our students and families at D'Alto Studio of Performing Arts.

Dancers in THR!VE are young artists achieving high levels of  performance.Competitive dance is about training, skill, discipline, dedication, respect, showmanship, talent, and teamwork. Being a parent of such a dancer is about providing, protecting, and supporting the dreams and hard work of some very special kids.

THR!VE dancers spend 5-9 hours per week in class and study all genres of dance as well as tumbling. THR!VE'S amazing instructors and coaches include Yvette Walts, Jessie Seib, and Company Director, Molly Adams. The THR!VE company teachers have over 60 years of combined teaching experience.

While many Thrive students go on to dance in college or at the professional level, many others leave dance to pursue other careers after high school. The discipline, confidence, and dedication learned while training and performing with the team help these kids become true achievers in life.

If you are interested in becoming a part of THR!VE Dance Company please contact us to arrange a meeting with the Company's Director, Molly Adams.

Competitive dance is about training, skill, dedication, respect, showmanship,
and teamwork.
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