D’Alto Studio of Performing Arts will be closing in July 2018 after nine wonderful, crazy years on Stockwell Road. The Dalto’s and Madi’s have been on a long mission to provide a place of learning through work in the performing arts in an environment of collaboration, mutual respect, acceptance and love. We have been so blessed to know and work with hundreds upon hundreds of amazing students, families, and instructors over the course of our time at the Studio. 

Looking through our web site and Facebook photos and posts brings a feeling of appreciation, gratitude and pride in the wonderful things we have all accomplished together in our time as a performing arts studio. Being a school working with young people, we have said goodbye to many students over the years as they grown up and moved on. The studio has served children, teens and adults in classes and in productions over these years on Stockwell in, what will be at the end of June, seventy theatrical productions and thirty dance and vocal showcases.

Our TA program has been a great success providing leadership opportunities to teens, many of whom became instructors for classes in dance and triple threat. Seeing the growth in our students and TAs has inspired us and given us great joy. We would sincerely like to thank all who have spent time as a teaching assistant in classes and as a front desk assistants, camp counselors, production assistants and ushers. There are so many names- can’t list them all.

We would also like to thank all of the instructors, directors , and staff who joined Michael and myself over that time including Joshua Crouch, Ashley Frary Lutz, Ben Crockett, Amelia and Naem Madi, Laura Dalto, Keith and BJ Martin, Kensington and Brandon Eck, Donna Ferriell, Danielle Greenawalt, Lauren Hurstell, Jodie Mowrey, Faith Long, Megan Stillwell, Josh Kight, Molly Hall, Yvette Walts, Erin Lewis, Christopher Ford, Brandon Bertinotti, Patrick Ritsch, Payton Judd, Blake Grant, Sara Fortner, Cody Webb, Emily Durchholz, Chad Ferriell, Michelle Rose, Eric Wilson, Hope Long, Jeremy Brailsford, Clay and Samantha Prindle, Lindsey Tieken, Nicole Newmaster, Rachel Spratt, Henry Maurer, Jon Kilgore, Nathan Veazey, Terry Becker, Leo Kempf, Toni Schaperjohn, Grace Long, Andy Jones, Otto Mullins, Haley Russler, Max Engleman, Gary Jones, Trinity Cravens, Katie Ivie, Nick Osin, Tory Russell, Olivia Vincent, Alyssa DeCorrevont, Simone Sartore-Getty, Joe and Alax Luegers, Kim Kuban, Kevin Arnold, Kevin Roach, Maria Rivers and Olga Rodionova. I think that is everyone- I hope I got you all!

We’ve had many angels in our lives who have been instrumental in keeping the studio open and running over the years including Donna and Doug Ferriell, The Mayers, Harpoles, Bertinottis, Vincents, Cravens, Bill Glenn, Spurlings, Scholers, Stephens, Felts, DeCorrevonts, Ivies, Balls, Jeff Shoultz, Zach Tieken, Erik McCandless , Ryan Nash, John Crosser, Lori Oliva,AJ Mason, Karen Litherland, Wendy Brown, Tiffany Morgan and so many more. The murals that fill our space so lovingly painted by Ashley, Joshua, Donna, Faith and Sam have been photographed. We have photos documenting all from Erin Ivie, Greg Schultz, Casey Lehman and Sheri Sullivan. Videos shot by Naem Madi. There have been so many parents and community actors who have influenced the studio who I cannot even find the space here to name. You have all become part of a tapestry we will cherish for the rest of our lives.

We’d also like to thank all the parents, grandparents, and families for their support and assistance throughout the years. We would not have been able to manage without you all. 

Our final five months will be packed with activity. Along with current classes and summer camps, we are planning a May dance showcase and three more kids’ productions. We are working on Mary Poppins Jr, A Little Princess, and The Wizard of Oz (licenses pending).Classes will go through May. Summer camps will be all that we offer in June. Instructors at the studio who are currently offering private lessons including Joe and Alax ,Maria, Kim, Naem , Amelia and Laura, will continue to offer those lessons to their current students elsewhere beginning in June. I will join Michael in teaching from our house. In July we will close the doors and leave the Stockwell space in the hands of a new business (unknown). Dance students will be advised when Olga, Amelia, Nick, Sara, Laura, Trinity, Olivia and Katie make new plans. Many D’Alto instructors will teach and direct for Children’s Theatre of Southern Indiana, a nonprofit theatre company we launched late last year, which will offer workshops, triple threat and acting classes, and theatrical productions on a somewhat smaller scale, beginning in August in a location still to be determined. Dance will continue to be taught only in the triple threat classes. 

The studio has been our world, and even our universe, for what will soon be nine wonderful and amazing years. It is with great satisfaction that our family can announce a conclusion to our great enterprise and to prepare to meet what comes next with gratitude, anticipation and enthusiasm. I ask all  of you who have supported out efforts at D’Alto Studio to do all you can to support Children’s Theatre so that we can continue to offer young people the tools and training to see the best in themselves, know the beauty in the world, and to do their best to impact the world both on and off stage as they go forward in their lives.

Thank you all so much for reading this lengthy note and for all your support and assistance all these years.

Sincerely with love,

Jennifer Dalto

Closing July 2018