Mommy&Me Music &Movement 30 minutes A great bonding experience for toddlers and their parents and serve as an introduction to music and dance classes. 
Tuesdays 5:30 Pm 

Pre K Classes are designed to acclimate three and four year olds to the dance class environment when a parent is not in the room so that the bond formed is from student to teacher, building confidence and the ability to follow directions. 
In addition to dance classes the Studio offers Pre K Sing&Act
Look for descriptions on the music and acting pages.

Pre K Dance Combo Ballet/Tap/Tumble 60 minutes

Students spend 20 minutes each in tap, ballet and tumble in this all around introduction to dance giving the students the 
necessary structure on which to build as they get older.
Tuesdays 4:00 Pm
Saturdays at 10:00 Am. 

PreK Sing&Act 30 minutes

A fun acting class which gets 3-5 year olds acting out classic stories and nursery rhymes which fosters the love of performing. Children will learn, memorize and recite classic nusery rhymes working on clarity, diction and expression. 
30 Minutes once per week 32.00 Thursdays 4:30 Pm

Ages 5-8

This age group is ready to learn the fundamentals in technique, terminology, and to build their skill level in all dance forms. 30 minute classes keep their attention and focus right on target for the entire class. 

Kids' Dance Combo (Ballet/Tap/Tumble) Tues 5:00 pm 
20 minutes each of tap, ballet and gymnastics 
This combination provides a wide range of basic technique and skill sets to develop young dancers and prepare them for the hour long dance classes when they are 8 years old, or when they have mastered the skills and terms necessary for advancement. 

Kids' Tap Saturdays 11:30 Am 30 minutes
Rhythmic tap with the first ten basic steps get kids moving and growing in this classic dance style.

Kids' Ballet Saturdays 11:00 Am 30 minutes  
This class introduces students to basic ballet vocabulary while building basic skill sets focusing on the development of coordination, flexibility, strength, and musicality introducing ballet terms and technique

Kids' Hip Hop Tues 5:00 Pm 30 minutes
In this high-energy, age-appropriate class, kids will learn fun hip-hop techniques and combinations, danced to their favorite music.

Kids' Rhythmic Gymnastics 5-8 Thursday 4:00 Pm 60 minutes
You have been amazed by it while watching the summer Olympics ! This is a dynamic sport which combines elements of ballet, dance, and gymnastics, with use of apparatus (clubs, hoop, ball, ribbon, and rope) for artistic expression .

Ages 9 +

Acrobatics Children will learn, practice and perfect basic tumbling such as somersaults, back bends, bridges, and cartwheels increasing flexibility, control and coordination. Aides in class make it possible to work with many ability levels and ages. Wednesday 4:00Pm 60 minutes

Tap Dance is one of those styles that builds in skill and ability through years of class time and practice. Broadway tap focuses on dance; it is widely performed in musical theater. Rhythm tap focuses on musicality, and practitioners consider themselves to be a part of the Jazz tradition.

Tap 1 Tuesdays 4:00 Pm 60 minutes Rhythm Tap building through the 15 basic steps for skill, dexterity, balance and control.

Tap II Thursdays 4:00 Pm 60 Minutes Rhythm Tap building through the 15 basic steps for skill, dexterity, balance and control.adding Broadway tap choreography and more emphasis on artistry ..

Tap III Mondays 4:00 Pm 60 minutes Rhythm Tap building through the 20 basic steps for skill, dexterity, balance and control adding Broadway tap choreography and more emphasis on artistry ..

​Musical Theatre Dance Mondays 6:00 PM 60 minutes
Students will learn the technique, steps, combinations, choreography and music from several different Broadway musicals ,increasing their overall knowledge of dance and choreography styles while building the skills which will help them pick up choreography more quickly in auditions and in their work in musicals at the high school, college, and community theatre level. 

Jazz  Wednesdays 4:00 Pm 60 minutes  
Jazz class will focus on learning proper dance technique and terminology. Students will be exposed to various styles of jazz such as Broadway, Street and Contemporary to help develop a well rounded dancer. Class curriculum is based on ballet technique layered with traditional jazz movement and includes a proper warm-up, stretches, isolations, across- the-floor progressions, and combinations.              

Hip Hop Tuesdays 6:00 Pm 60 Minutes 
Hip Hop for Middle School and High School Students using appropriate music and dance elements for this age group. 

Basic Dance Foundations Technique Mondays 5:00 Pm 60 minutes
Every dancer can benefit from this special hour of technique every week. Learn and practice the conditioning and skills to become a better dance student in all genres and styles.  All ages are welcome in this specialized hour of training designed for students with little dance experience. 

Contemporary/ Lyrical Thursdays 5:00 Pm 60 minutes 
This class incorporates many elements of ballet, jazz, with personal expression and lyrical movement. This class will emphasize a whole body approach in order to free the dancer. Techniques will be based on the teachings of Modern Dance founders such as Isadora Duncan,Martha Graham and Humphrey Weidman. This class will improve flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness.

Rhythmic Gymnastics 9+ Wednesdays at 6:00 or Thursdays 5:00 Pm 60 Minutes
You have been amazed by it while watching the summer Olympics ! This is a dynamic sport which combines elements of ballet, dance, and gymnastics, with use of apparatus (clubs, hoop, ball, ribbon, and rope) for artistic expression .

Private Lessons in tap,ballet, modern, lyrical, jazz, rhythmic gymnastics, acrobatics. Please call to arrange 

Regular Dance Class Fees:

30 Minute Classes- $32.00 per month
60 Minute Classes- $52.50 per month
Discounts offered to those taking multiple classes and to college students who present ID.  
Class Punch Cards :  4 classes $52.50/ 8 classes $100                                         

Members have full access to all classes for one low monthly fee! Check it out!

We emphasize technique all year and offer additional classes in production for those who wish to take the stage in our yearly showcase, dance concerts, and our theatrical productions. Rather than renting a large theater once each spring for a lengthy show, we hold our performances in our own studio theater several times during the year . Our dance shows are seldom more than an hour in length .Dancers are also encouraged to audition for our theatrical shows and dance concerts, giving them even more opportunities to use their training on stage. Our dance students never age out or graduate out of classes and we have several classes for teen beginners and adults and dancers ages 10 - 18 may audition for our Dance Company.
D'Alto Dance & Gymnastic Classes
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